EFT is really unique because you can take this practice into your own hands, you need very little materials (your hands, brain, and body for the most part), and you can really work with EFT at any point no matter where you are. With such amazing results, the ability to work with so many issues, and the limited resources needed to start – this practice screams accessibility to the masses.

EFT like many other healing modalities has skeptics around it however,The Tapping Solutionstates, “Research done at the prestigious university (Harvard Medical School) during the last decade found that the brain’s stress and fear response – which is controlled by an almond-shaped part of your brain called the amygdala – could be lessened by stimulating the meridian points used in acupuncture, acupressure, and of course, tapping.”

In addition to the research done at Harvard, Dr. Dawson Church and his team did a randomized controlled trial on hour long tapping sessions and the effect on stress levels, “Dr. Church and his team measured their level of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the body when it undergoes stress. Their findings? The average level of cortisol reduction was 24%, with a whopping reduction of almost 50% in some subjects! In comparison, there was no significant cortisol reduction in those who underwent an hour of traditional talk therapy.” – The Tapping Solution.

Basically, tapping has been proven scientifically to support stress relief and relaxation. There are numerous anecdotes of EFT helping individuals extremely quickly with both physical and emotional pain that has plagued them for long periods of time.

Here are some of the commonly used tapping points:

  • 空手道斩波点 - 小指下方的肉质一侧
  • 内眉 - 眉毛从脸部中央开始的地方
  • 眼睛的外侧 - 在寺庙附近眼睛左侧的右侧
  • 在眼睛下 - 您可以感觉到轨道骨的地方
  • Cupid’s bow – I curl the top lip down a bit to hit the cupids bow
  • Cleft of chin – I pull the bottom lip tight to tap the cleft of the chin
  • 衣领骨 - 胸部平原上的项圈骨下方的一点
  • Bra strap spot – under the armpit where you bra strap would be
  • 头顶 - 头顶和头部的中心


  • 空手道斩波点,手的肉侧部分
  • 头顶
  • 眉毛的开始(一侧或两者)
  • Side of the eye (around the outside corner of the eye, feel for the bone)
  • 在眼睛下(您的学生下方)
  • Cupids bow (gently pull your lip down to expose that spot)
  • Chin (gently pull your lip up to expose that spot)
  • Clavicle point (inch down and inch out from the center)
  • Under arm / bra strap point (side of the body, under the under arm, at the spot of your bra strap)
  • 敲击手腕
  • Top of the hand (in between pinky and ring finger, soft fleshy part)
  • Top of the pointer, middle, and pinky fingers and under the ring finger

当创建一个敲击脚本(您可以做或可以自由泳)时,语言以负面或沉重的位置开始 - 进入中间点 /中性点 /或变得开放,然后过渡到正面或理想的编程。

What this speaks to strongly, and one of the main reasons I adore tapping so much, is that this process honors and acknowledges that you are experiencing/have experienced something negative. Often in spiritual practices we only focus on the positive and tapping acknowledges the negative, and then points out that we still love ourselves even with this negative or heavy item. Then we progress to the neutral or into the maybe, and then we end in the positive. In this positive you are able to re-work your operating system. You are able to select what you would like to think and feel, and where you would like to operate from. This is why I love tapping!

Let me give you an example of the language.

In the negative

When working in the negative – you always say…
Even though (insert negative thing here) I deeply and completely love and accept myself

In the neutral


  • 也许我可以放手。
  • Maybe I could change this.
  • 我愿意超越这个。
  • I am available to change this.



  • I am abundant.
  • I love money and money loves me.
  • There is always more money coming in than going out.

现在我们已经攻职业的一般概念cess, what it does, and how it accomplishes these goals – I will break down the exact process I use with clients.

EFT过程 -



  • 我对自己的丰度施加了限制。
  • 我有一个很痛苦的后退,似乎无法摆脱一两天以上。
  • I push people away when they try to get close.
  • I have high anxiety around test taking.

2. On a scale of 1-10, how does (insert topic sentence) feel today?

You want to rank the pain / irritation etc so that you can compare the start to the finish of your EFT practice.


When you ask the scale, ideally you want to be open to feeling this in your physical vessel so taking a few moments to感觉into it, see if it calls to a physical space in your body.

4. List out all the negative items you would like to address.




5. Then list out your neutral or maybe or transition items

  • 我真的很想改变XYZ的情况。
  • Maybe I could change this.
  • 也许我可以放开XYZ。
  • I choose to release the hold this has on me.
  • 这只是我告诉自己的故事。
  • 也许这可能是不同的。
  • 如果我允许自己讲一个不同的故事怎么办。
  • I can change how I feel about this.
  • I know I can make these changes.
  • 我相信这些变化。
  • 我释放并放开任何不再为我服务的东西。
  • 我知道我可以为自己完全出现,放开XYZ的重量。


Take as long as you need to transition from the negative to neutral or even start getting into a feeling of positivity. Use language that feels authentic, that calls an emotion from you, that allows you to get into the feeling.



  • 我有很多不同的方式来找我的丰富,财富和繁荣。
  • I am constantly welcoming abundance into my life.
  • I am an energetic match for money.
  • I am paid for my talents.
  • 金钱爱我,我爱钱。
  • 钱是一种资源。
  • Money is energy.
  • I am an energetic match for money.

I have an achy back that I can’t seem to get rid of for more than a day or two would shift into…

  • 我的背感觉很棒。
  • I am pain free.
  • My back is so flexible.
  • I have so much range of motion.
  • My joints feel healthy.
  • 我的身体容器很舒服。

I push people away when they try to get close would shift into…

  • 我可以与合适的人保持亲密关系和联系。
  • I am open and experience love from many directions.
  • 我有同情心,理解并让自己在安全环境中表现出脆弱性。


  • 我对测试设置很酷,镇定和自信。
  • I am so confident in my skills and understanding.
  • 测试对我来说很有趣。
  • 当我参加标准化测试时,我得分很高。

7. Then at the end of the tapping round, I ask my client to rank the feeling from 1 – 10 again and make notes of the shifts.

I also really enjoy turning tapping scripts into mediations to listen to. I record them and play them in the background of my day, or play them as I fall asleep. When possible, I add the physical tapping (sometimes I only use one meridian point for ease like the karate chop point) and other times, I just listen to the audio. Once I have been working with a script for a while, I will chop out the negative and neutral and just listen to the positive on repeat – tapping those desires directly into my operating system.

Some great tips on tapping:



Keep an open mind and allow it to work. So often when we try something new, we are just looking for reasons to say “this doesn’t work” or “I feel stupid doing this” or if it doesn’t make sense to the logical mind, we close ourselves off from the actual progress. I ask that you go into tapping / EFT with an open mind and willingness to release that which no longer serves you.

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